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  • Relieve Pain: the egg sitter style gel cushion evenly distributes your weight, taking pressure off your lower back and relieving sore back pain especially after periods of long sitting; the correct support between you and your seat means you are superbly supported without feeling boosted
  • Increase Range of Motion: the comfy breathable and ergonomic honeycomb design channels airflow between seats and buttocks allowing increased blood flow to nourish joints with oxygen and nutrients leading to enhanced circulation; ideal for users of wheelchairs or people with limited mobility
  • Ease Pressure: these orthopedic gel seat cushions are soft, comfortable and made with extra thick padding in the buttock area to help absorb pressure points providing superb tailbone support and cooling relief from lower back strain, pregnancy, sedentary fatigue, sciatica, lumbar strain, and coccyx injuries
  • Superb Comfort: these handy accessories are portable and at less than 3 lbs lightweight but large enough to fit any adult desk or computer chair; perfect for office work, truck and delivery drivers, scooter and wheelchair users, airplane travel or anywhere sitting for a long time is necessary

Zen Essential Comfort Ice Gel Seat Cushion

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Package contains one gel seat cushion.  Gel cushion is made from soft non-toxic TPR Gel.  Cushion without cover can be rinsed or gently washed with soap and water.
    • Zippered removable cushion cover is 94% Polyester; 6% Spandex and is machine washable.  Do not put in dryer.  Instead, let the cover air dry.  Do not dry clean.
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