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Relaxing in Park

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Zen Virtuoso is committed to supporting and publishing accessible and user-friendly content.

If any content, feature, or functionality is not fully accessible, please complete the below quick form describing the page with accessibility issues with as much detail as possible.

We exist for our customers and they are the primary guide for every decision we make from the products we offer to the features on our website and everything in between, so please speak up and tell us what you want to see.  We are listening.

Thanks for contacting us!


Zen Virtuoso Packaging
Flat front view gel seat cushion

Zen Virtuoso's top of the line gel seat cushions alleviate lower back pain and pressure while providing superior tailbone and lumbar support.

Zen Virtuoso offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

front and back sides of gel seat cushion with included zippered cover
Lifetime Warranty Badge
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